Lower your energy consumption

1. Shutdown your computer

Computers are some of the biggest energy users in office buildings. So, turn your monitor off at night and ditch your screensavers – most screens do not need these nowadays anyway! Today’s computers can actually be turned on and off over 40,000 times.

2. Choose the right light

LED bulbs are the most energy efficient lighting option on the market today. LED bulbs use 75% less electricity than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. The also include no mercury in their manufacture and last about 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs (DoE). Granville can install energy-saving solutions throughout your home and garden.

3. Eliminate vampire power: unplug idle electronics.

Devices like televisions, microwaves, scanners, and printers use standby power, even when they are off. Some chargers continue to pull small amounts of energy, even when plugged in (a good judge of this is if a charger feels warm to the touch). To highlight this energy waste, in the US, the total electricity consumed by its idle electronics equals the total annual output of 12 power plants (EPA).

4. Use a power strip to reduce your plug load.

To avoid paying for this “vampire power,” use a power strip to turn all devices off at once. Flipping the switch on your power strip has the same effect as unplugging each socket from the wall, preventing phantom energy loss.

5. Turn off the lights

Just one switch and you’re done!


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