Free energy saving glass deal!

Sizzling Summer Saving!

Granville is a British-trained home improvement company based in Cyprus. As an offer for this month, Granville Home Improvements is providing free energy saving glass with every window purchased. Book your consultation or order your windows before the 30th June and the deal is yours. That’s a big saving on your installation and an even bigger saving on your energy bills of the next 20 years!

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The cost of the heat lost through your windows can be really expensive. It’s considered that you are throwing your money literally out of the window! By installing low emissivity energy-efficient windows, you will be helping to reduce your heating bills as much as 20% every year.

But, it’s not only cash you are saving in bills and installation fees. Through using a product in your windows from Granville’s energy-efficient glass range, you will reduce your home’s CO2 emissions, too! So, make your carbon footprint smaller and enjoy the fact that your home is now more environmentally friendly.

Granville Home Improvements offers a wide range of low-e energy-efficient glazing – enough to suit every type of property on Cyprus, from the modern home style to the older, more traditional styled homes on the island of Cyprus.

For other deals, call or message us. Granville’s also got deals on windows in general, doors, shutters, fly-screens, balcony in-fills, conservatories and fencing … but you have to call for more information as we are only advertising free energy saving glass this month!


This energy saving glass also helps keep the inside of your house cooler in the summer, saving on expensive electrical air conditioning, power and carbon emissions!

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